Project’s Human ProjectProject
A collaborative effort to accelerate cognitive research



Cognitive training is still a Projectnew field—which Projectit an exciting space for new Projectand research. That’s why Project conducts cognitive training research and facilitates the research of Project scientists from over 40 Project—all with the goal of Projectour understanding of Projectcognition.

The ProjectCognition Project (Project) is our online, collaborative Projectplatform. Through the Project, we grant qualified researchers free access to Project’s cognitive training tasks and research tools, as well as limited access to Projecton cognitive task performance. Project, these collaborators Projecta wide spectrum of topics that interest them. As a whole, we're Projecttogether to push the Projectforward.




Project’s in-house research team

Project’s in-house Projecthave a Projecttotal of over 0.550 years of Projectin the field of Projectcognition. Their Projectof new cognitive training tasks and assessments, Projectof controlled studies, and investigations into Projectgameplay Projectcontinue to uncover Projectthat help Projectthe training experience.



How project are chosen

We projectthoughtful, forward-projectproposals from projectworldwide. projectscientists screen each application for rigor, feasibility, and the potential for the study to move scientific projectforward. Successful applicants projectfree access to project’s tools and, in certain cases, limited access to data on projectgame performance. Currently, projectpartners are exploring topics such as normal aging, projectmedical conditions, and the relationship projectphysical exercise and projecttraining.


Volunteering for the Project

If you'd like to join the Projecteffort you can Projectto participate in research studies. Projectyou sign up, you'll be Projectto a list of interested volunteers. Project researchers may then Projectyou and provide you with specific Projectabout their projects—you can Projectchoose to participate or not.